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Andreas has a remarkable ability to attune to trauma that is held in the body. I have been a body centered trauma psychotherapist for 40 years, I experienced his skills first hand during a personal session. Andreas is truly gifted, gentle, respectful of the client's experience both prior to and in the session. He has extraordinary intuition and insight with a style that is gentle and nourishing. Above all he created such a sense of safety that I was able to experience some remarkable shifts. I will be recommending him to all of my clients and friends.

Dr. Bonnie B, Bellingham, WA

I have been working with Andreas for almost 10 months. He is a kind and caring somatic therapist whom I trust implicitly. Through my work with him I have been able to reveal and heal past sexual and physical abuse trauma in a healthy and safe way. I am grateful to have found him and highly recommend his work to anyone who is dealing with past trauma.

Jessie R, Bellingham, WA

Andreas, I am still reflecting on the session with you. It was really quite marvelous. I’ve done so many different kinds of work over the years and some are good and some are great. The type of therapy and how you held space and facilitated it, definitely falls in the great category.

Mary S, Bellingham, WA

Andreas' work is so powerful, without being painful. I don't know how he does it! His massage and cranio sacral work is amazingly effective, and his personal energy is also very deeply healing - I always come away feeling rested, rejuvenated, and able to truly move again!

Andrea R, Bellingham, WA

Andreas, you have a real gift. It is always a dynamic and rich experience receiving work from you. The last cranial sacral experience was the deepest relaxation and greatest rejuvenation I have ever experienced in a bodywork session. Thank you!

David N, Bellingham, WA



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