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I consider it a privilege to be present with you and facilitate your process toward health, healing, and well-being.

I've helped people experience more relaxed and pain free lives through therapeutic massage and bodywork for over 20 years. A native of Germany and graduate of the Esalen Institute massage program (Big Sur, California), I practiced massage therapy and energy work for 14 years in Bloomington, Indiana before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2014. I am a licensed massage therapist in Washington State, a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) and certified in Transforming Touch® (TEB).

I use touch-based Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and Transforming Touch® (TEB) to help you shift what has been “stuck” in your body for too long. I support your nervous system in recovering, repairing, and regrouping from trauma – thus supporting a greater sense of ease, vitality and choice in your life.

In addition, I offer a unique blend of the flowing style of Esalen massage and customized treatment techniques (including Positional Release, Fascial Release work and Cranio Sacral), creating a session that is attuned to you.

I have practiced yoga since 1998 and taught Vinyasa style classes for 5 years.  This has expanded my understanding of the body and the use of therapeutic movement, which can be integrated as self-care.

I live on a sailboat, and in my free time you’ll find me sailing and kayaking around the Salish sea, doing nature photography, snow shoeing and hiking in the Cascades, traveling on extended road trips to nature’s treasures, and practicing yoga. Most especially, I enjoy spending time with my two children.

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